Entebbe, Uganda
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Office in Entebbe, Uganda
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Primate Journeys Africa goes to: Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

Primate Journeys Africa - your gateway to East & Central Africa.

Guided tours and safaris in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & D.R.C featuring gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris and birding tours. Primate Journeys Africa is an indigenous East African safari company based in Entebbe specializing in East African safaris and tours and with a commitment to conservation and presenting the beauty of Africa in its various forms.

Visit the Mountain Gorilla and our other attractions on a wildlife safari - primate safaris or bird watching tours, plains, mountains & lakes with antelopes, elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos and a magnificent array of other animals and birds. Mountain climbing to see glaciers on the Equator in the beautiful, unspoiled Rwenzori Mountains - the fabled Mountains Of The Moon.

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