Akagera National Park is found in north eastern Rwanda at the country’s border with Tanzania, it was founded in 1934 to protect animals and vegetation and is the largest protected wetland in Africa. The park was named after the Akagera River which flows along its eastern boundary. It used to cover an area of 2500square kilometers but during the Rwanda genocide, most of the land close to 50% was issued to the refugees after the crisis. 

The park is a remarkable eco-system dominated by swamps, small lakes and rivers. It’s characterized by woodlands, low mountains, and savannah. The varied terrain shelters wild life including zebras, elands, giraffes, elephants, lions, curvets, impalas and hundreds of bird species which range from water, forest to savannah for example the red-faced barbets, swamp flycatcher, the famous shoebill, and the rare papyrus gonolek.

The game drives in Akagera National Park are the main activity despite being a small park compared to others in Africa. It is well known as the gem of Rwanda with a beautiful landscape and ability to see different animal species in a short time. The beauty of the park can be seen anywhere and thrilling as you adventure through the park, surprise holds while nature reveals its treasures inform of wonders. The beautiful scenery, flora and fauna about the night game drives are quite different from day time. There is a big opportunity to view the predators on the prowl as they look out for water and what to eat. These animals are rare to see during the day like lions and hyenas. While at the game drive, one can participate in fishing having a chance of being in an African wild with the wildlife. There are a number of Rwanda Car Rental options that can enable you to fully explore this park. Akagera is a great place for fishing for its endowment with water bodies. One can hire a guide to come along with at 25 dollars for half a day or 40 dollars for the whole day. The night game drives can be arranged separately from the park.

The game drives are accompanied by a guide who is knowledgeable about the park at the drive, one is advised to stay in the car unless the park guide sees it safe to get out and take a look. In order to enjoy the ride, one is advised to carry along a snack for lunch, long sleeved shirts and trousers, insect repellant.

The main entry point into Rwanda is Kigali international airport which is open to various flights like the Ethiopian airlines, air Burundi, Brussels, Kenya airways and Rwandair express. It is 10 km out of Kigali. It takes two and half hours’ drive from the capital to the park; the functional park entry gate is 500 meters from the newly constructed Akagera game lodge. Accommodation within and outside the park is available for example the Akagera game lodge, game lodge, among others.

Akagera is a wonderful place to visit while in Rwanda and a self drive car rental in Rwanda option is a great way to explore this park. It is endowed with an abundance of animal species and hundreds of bird species that one should not miss while on their safaris to Rwanda.